5.15am #1 child knocks… With alleged upset tummy…. I say, “sorry to hear that, try going back to sleep.”

A moment or two later I hear the click of #3 having turned on the light on their bedroom. (Any other mother’s able to distinguish what such small insignificant sounds mean?

  • A moment or two after that, #2 starts crying that they are too hot, and their mouth and tummy hurts. Very dramatically.

I don’t do before 6am very well.

Lovely Husband is dispatched to turn off light and investigate crying child. After a few minutes sitting in the bathroom they don’t seem to actually be being sick and are refusing medicine. LH informs them that if they aren’t willing to treat medicine then they need to stop being so loud and can try and get back to sleep.

6.45am It is now all quiet, and has been for at least half an hour, but clearly #2 isn’t going to school, and possibly #1 also, although they haven’t emerged again yet.

This was not how I imagined today going.


8.22am #2 is not 100% and hasn’t gone to school, is lying on the couch, dosed up on paracetamol. The others have gone to school.

8.44am One of my neighbour’s little boys has cancer. There is a meal rota for them and I’d offered to make a dessert for them for Shabbos. As I was quickly making a cake for them. I realised how petty I’m being. My daughter is just a bit under the weather and I’m getting so stressed over it. I am so fortunate. Please daven (pray) for a refuah shelema bkarov, a full and speedy recovery for Elisha Ben Ayalla.