To try and play the game correctly I made the effort to get my meals at higher calories than they had been. My days had been getting a bit skewed, with too many snacks and so I tried to filled up on my meals today instead of with lots of snacks. I also made an effort to drink more (which was helped by being home most of the day) I felt fuller, and bouyed by the popularity of my blog today! 

Hello all you new people! When l started writing this blog, it was really as just a way of talking to myself. I never thought anyone would be interested, or at least outside of my immediate family.  The fact that there are real people, who I don’t know in real life who are reading this and taking the time to encourage me is quite astonishing to me. It is also no doubt very boring to my Lovely Husband, as he nods encouragingly every time I tell him about the number of visitors to my blog, and the different countries you’re in. He is very patient. I am very fortunate.

Here is a place I can obsess over my eating and exercise and if no-one wants to read about it, three is no obligation.

Thank you to those who do read, comment, like and follow me. I really appreciate having this outlet.

Total food 1427 kcal, no exercise

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk, raisins and golden syrup maple syrup flavour, plain yoghurt with sweetener

Snack – a taste of hamantaschen filling

Lunch – tuna and pickle sandwich, orange, peanuts

Snack – a chocolate coin, a few spoons of kids’ leftover pasta and cheese

Supper – Turkey Viennas and roasted vegetables