Two things that meant I went to the gym today:

  1. When I got dressed this morning I put on one of my exercising t shirts with the intention of going to the gym this afternoon before collecting from school. To have worn my sporty top and not actually exercised would have just been wrong. Wrong wrong wrong.
  2. I had a phone call from the gym in the morning, to say I needed to fill in some form or the other. I told the man on the phone that I was coming in at about 2 this afternoon so I’d do it then.

It’s all about making myself externally accountable.

And it worked. I went to the gym and worked out on the leg weight machines. The personal trainer who gave me my induction came past and corrected me on one machine which made it so much harder! But clearly meant I was doing it right afterwards! 

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk, clementine

Lunch – chicken and lentil burger. Porridge with almond milk and golden syrup maple syrup and raisins

Leg day at the gym: 5 mins on the step machine, 30 minutes of the various leg machines, 10 squats, 3 planks (55s, 18s, 10s)

Snack – box of raisins

Supper – potato, tuna mayo, cottage cheese. Plain yoghurt with sweetener.

Snack – a potato

Total food 1348 kcal, exercise 128 kcal