Sitting at home, umming and ahing, maybe I should clean the kitchen instead of going to the gym? This quote from this list of 25 motivational exercise quotes (and#1 if I’m honest but didn’t want to post it on my own blog) for me off my tuchus and into the car to the gym.

I went to the gym, did 3 sets of 15 reps on each of the arm machines (in all 3 positions on lat machine, which is the one on the far left, so 9×15 really), 15 lbs on far left, 10lbs on other two. Plus two 30 second planks and my 30 minutes were up. 

Time to collect from school now. I feel so much more energised and positive than if I hadn’t gone.

A question for any more experienced gym members: are the numbers on the machines in lbs or kgs? I assumed lbs?