How did the reality measure up to the theory? Let’s review my battle plan for having a Purim that is both holy and healthy.

  • Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast

This I did! I had my porridge with almond milk as usual before heading to megilla. I think I also had a yoghurt.

  • Pack healthy snacks in the car. Water. Fresh and dried fruit. Whatever works for you that isn’t sugar based.

I brought with water to drink in the car. Actually because I had had a decent breakfast I wasn’t tempted at this point to eat. One of my children very adorably wanted to share from their stash, a piece of chocolate with me that they thought I’d enjoy, and I did have it and enjoy it.

  • It’s about making the decision to choose what you are going to eat, and savoring it

This was something I tried to remember all day. Why has writing shrunk? I hope it is still legible. I think I’ve fixed it now. Oooh I did some html editing, aren’t I technical?!

  • eat lunch

So even though we’d planned to eat lunch at 1.30, when we returned home at 12.45 for LH to go to shul and for me to get the house ready, I was starting to feel really hungry. My wonderful friend A had left this fantastic shlach manos by our door while we were delivering.

M and I devoured them. Thank you SO much A!!!

  • drink more

This I didn’t do so well on. I found myself feeling thirsty throughout the day and at the end of the day. I usually drink enough in a day that I never feel properly thirsty. Towards the end of the day I did have several glasses of squash but it was probably not enough.

  • Daven

I woke up early on Purim morning, and I davened shacharis. This is really unusual for me to manage to do, but I did it and I’m so glad I did. It gave me such a solid start to the day.

The seuda

I obviously wasn’t calorie counting. The meal was basically a good healthy meal though. Started off with individual (white) challah rolls, choice of beetroot or celeriac soup made by a guest – I tried both, both were delicious. Main was beef in mushrooms (made with large rolled pot) roast with rice (guest made), roasted vegetables. Dessert was hamantaschen and fruit salad (thank you Mummy). I also put it boxes of chocolates we’d received out.

In the comments of my plan I responded to a comment from someone who called themselves “Unidentifiable”, I’m fairly certain I know who she is as a good friend irl, but anyway. 

She said, “As you know, it’s all or nothing for me. Could you just tell yourself a big NO this year…? And not eat any of the rubbish?”

I responded, “I know myself and up to a point I can say no. But there will come a point in the day where I know I won’t be able to, and then it needs to not turn into a free for all. “

This was that point in the day.

I did have hamantaschen (plural), and a few chocolates, and I didn’t count.

Then after everyone left I did try a few more mints and hamantaschen, as I collapsed in an armchair and all was calm. I didn’t feel the need for supper. I don’t feel like a lost the plot. But I did indulge. The scales the next day didn’t show too much damage.

Why is my writing getting smaller and smaller??? Something weird is going on and I don’t understand why. Sorry everyone.

The day after (shushan Purim – Monday) I woke up exhausted. The children only had school 10-1, although they woke up bright and early. I sort of felt hungover even though I didn’t drink. Perhaps dehydrated.

Had my usual porridge. Then a tiny taste of a cookie someone gave us yesterday. It was ok, nothing amazing. Right or wrong I decided I wasn’t going to come home in while the children were in their brief amount of school and treated myself to a trip to a new garden centre, Finchley Nurseries. What a find! My seedlings need repotting so I picked up some compost. I could have bought so many more plants, they had a beautiful and enormous selection.

I then treated myself further to two trays of sushi for lunch from Kosher Kingdom, which is just round the corner from school. Yum yum yum. The children came out of the school clutching even more nosh. Over the afternoon I grazed on crisps and hamantaschen and mints. Not good. Not good at all. In hindsight it was having a crisp that was rejected by a child that was the beginning of the end. They are just so deliciously salty and moreish. I was also tired. I’m not making excuses for my poor behaviour, I’m trying to identify where it went wrong.

I did however get some exercise in as we did some clearing up on the garden which ended up being quite physically demanding.

This post is taking a really long time to write and I really want it finished so I can move on. 

Supper we had leftovers, roast beef and vegetables.

It’s now Tuesday morning, I just stepped on the scales for my daily weigh in. I don’t quite believe the numbers as it doesn’t look like I’ve gained weight! This gives me a chance for posting something good tomorrow for my Wednesday weigh in. Here’s hoping.