What a relief that I lost weight this week. I had really tried to be in control of what I was doing food wise before, during and after Purim and it paid off. I don’t feel a sense of achievement, just relief that what I did was good enough. 

Good enough is all that’s necessary. I don’t have to be perfect in my diet. Just good enough.

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

Morning snack – plain yoghurt with sweetener, carefully weighed out chocolate leaves

Lunch – roast beef and pickle sandwich, bag of supa dupas (like salt and vinegar wotzits), mixed seeds and macadamia nuts

Snacks – a few dried banana chips (less than 5)

Supper – stir fry with all the leftovers I could find! Mangetout, roasted veg, chicken, beef, rice

Total calories 1540 kcal