Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

Snacks – 

A hamantaschen

seeds and macadamia nuts

1 hour Pilates

Lunch – rice, cabbage and corn, 6 chocolate leaves, 5 prunes

Snack – A piece of Grandma’s 101 st birthday cake

A peanut trek bar (yuk), totally not worth the 203kcal.

Supper – chicken breast and carrot ribbons

And this is why I like calorie counting. I have eaten several noshy things today, hamantaschen, chocolate, cake etc and I am still totally on my plan. I didn’t cheat. I didn’t binge. Everything I ate was a conscious choice. True, my calories were about 200kcal more than I’m aiming for in a day, but even so, it should be enough to continue losing. As I said to my Dad today at Grandma’s birthday get together, “You can eat cake and lose weight.”, and as he said, “You are proof of that.”

Total food 1608 kcal, exercise 217 kcal.