Erev Shabbos prep with kids in school is great. Poor LH was off work, struck down by the illnesses that the children has taken it in turns having the last fortnight, but he’s no trouble! (He’s not so knocked out as they were, but still shouldn’t share germs with colleagues).

The scales this morning are looking good! On track for a good loss this week, so long as I don’t lose focus as I did momentarily this afternoon. My lunch probably wasn’t filling enough.

Good shabbos all,

Breakfast -porridge with almond milk

Snack – 2 kiwis, some roasted parsnip and beetroot

Lunch – tuna, pickle mozzarella melted sandwich. Plain Greek yoghurt with sweetener

Nosh – a taste of beef for supper, 1 or was it 2 chicken nuggets (for tomorrow – using up the freezer before pesach, nuggets are basically small shnitzel, right?) A chocolate wafer, 2 chocolate bear biscuits.  I have estimated this nodding to be 500kcal. 

As I write this I realise I have also only had one drink today. Must go drink some more!

Shabbos plan :

Tonight – challah, beef with mushrooms. I had planned to have roast potatoes with it, but tbh they aren’t my favourite food and after the noshing I can do without them. After dinner mints

Total calories for the day approximately 2000kcal.


Breakfast :

Now I usual have matza and cottage cheese and pickles for shabbos breakfast as it then counts as one of the three meals which are obligatory on Shabbos but also keeps calories down. In the month before Pesach it is our family minhag (custom) to not have matza so that we enjoy it all the more on Pesach.


I think what I’m going to do is have a small challah roll with cottage cheese and pickles instead. And fruit and yoghurt if I want. It will be more calories but the alternative is gabbing cereal and then needing to eat more challah later in the day, so hopefully it will work.

Lunch : challah, cholent, 2 chicken wings, roasted beetroot and parsnip

Later: salmon, pickles, corn

That gets me to nearly 1400kcal.