Breakfast -porridge with almond milk, a toffee yoghurt

Snacks – 3 Clementines

Lunch – loads of cabbage. 2 yoghurts

Snacks – A pot of mango. A grab 1 bar (these things are really not worth eating). About a quarter of a trek bar.

Supper – meatballs with tomato sauce and kidney beans. The meatballs were in the freezer and we need to eat up the contents of the freezer before Pesach. They are made in my pre calorie counting days so I’m not sure what went into them. It wouldn’t be terrible.

Estimated total food calories for the day between 1400-1500 kcal.

Interestingly, I tried looking in my past posts to look up the meatballs but couldn’t easily find them. However, I did come across this post from around the date I made them (18th July 2016) “Is it Worth Even Trying. In it I said, ” This has basically been my pattern for the last few years. Be really focused for 2, 3 maybe 4 weeks. Then have a gain, then focus again. I have lost the same 4lbs so many times. It is really demoralising. I feel like even though I want to lose the weight, it isn’t actually truly going to happen. “

I’ve been feeling like that a lot lately. My weight is going up and down, up and down, up and down. It’s taking me a month to lose 1lb, if that.

So I looked back in my progress and saw that at that point I’d lost 2lb in total. I have now lost another 20 lbs or so.


Obviously, I know I’ve still got at least another 50lbs until I’m nearing a healthy weight, but the numbers can’t be argued with. They are in fact going down. It might be slowly slowly slowly slowly, which is very hard and frustrating, but it is moving in the right direction and I’m living my life as a busy Jewish Mum without feeling enormously restricted and deprived.

It would be nice if it wasn’t so slow though.