I’ve been having technology issues today, and I ate out for lunch so the calories are fairly vague today. I reckon about 1500-1600kcal .

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

I did the next day of my “30 day” fitness app. I put it in inverted commas as it has me several months so far to get to say 19 which I finally did today. (Also day 20th which was a rest day ;-)) My motivating steps before doing it were that when I got dressed this morning I put on an exercise top and left my leggings and socks out, waiting for my return from school. I felt like I had set myself up to do it and so did.

The workout took about 30 minutes and involved: 75 jumping jacks,75 lunges, 75 step ups, 20 incline push ups, 38 left and right leg hops,45s left and right side planks,20 triceps dips, 45 high stepping. Definitely worked up a sweat! I put it in mfp as circuit training as that seemed like the best fit.

Snack – macadamia nuts

Lunch at Kanteen in Bushey – teriyaki salmon, vegetables and noodles. No photo due to technology issues previously mentioned.

Snacks – wafer, Clementine, yogurt, 

Supper – potato, cottage cheese, pickles

Total food calories – approx 1500-1600 kcal, exercise 337kcal