No good excuses. I’ll try and work out why I went doolally, but there’s no particularly good reason. I just did. And then once I had started…

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk. But then when I was clearly the breakfast things off the table, M had barely touched an enormous bowl of Shreddies, and they had gone all soggy and I ate them. No good reason. I just did. I had a meeting first thing with H’s nursery teachers as they had some concerns. I didn’t realise it at the time but maybe I was feeling stressed or anxious about it.

I had a coffee morning with some other Mums of children with special needs this morning and I offered to provide fruit. As well as the fruit I brought, there were cupcakes, cheese buns and a yeast cake on the table in front of me for about three hours. 

I was amazingly restrained and had mango, pineapple and grapes. At one point I even moved the plate which at that stage has one cupcake and the yeast cake on it out of the room so I didn’t have to keep looking at it. I didn’t expect the morning to run on for so long but we were having a good time. Someone cut up one of the cheese buns and I had a quarter of one, and then a few crumbs of the yeast cake.

By the time I came home, it was about 1.15pm and I was really ready to eat some lunch, although no clear plan as such. I figured maybe a sandwich with some turkey slices.

When I looked out my back window I was really shocked to see that workmen working nearby had taken away my back fence. By the end of the day we had a full apology and assurances it will be sorted out today. I ate a turkey and pickle sandwiches, some chocolate spread, crisps, wafers, nuts. As I have said already, no good excuse and I didn’t want to write this blog and own up to what I had.

By supper time I hadn’t made anything and was drained from the unexpected battles. A simple bowl of porridge at about 9pm, kindly made by LH did the trick.

Total food calories? Who knows?