Breakfast – grape juice, pitta, cottage cheese. 2 yogurts (mine and a child’s rejected one, note to self – don’t buy taam tub strawberry Pesach yogurts). Chocolate rice krispies

Lunch – challa, pesto, sweetcorn, salmon, chicken wings (with skin), chicken breast (no skin), cholent, chocolate rice krispies

Snacks – chocolate rice krispies

No supper.

I think I shall term today – “chocolate rice krispies day” and never make them again (if you want the recipe, Google Nigella Lawson’s rice krispies cake, and I take no responsibility for what follows).

I’ve spoken before about my fear of buying something new to wear for Pesach, however it’s coming nearer. A friend this week mentioned to me the JD Williams website and I went on a bit of a shopping spree! I optimistically started filling up my basket with size 18 dresses but then reconsidered. Looking at the size guide I clearly was size 20, but comfortably so. Last night I had a trying on session and what was really nice was that the 20s did fit me and I could choose the ones that I actually liked as opposed to just what fitted. One dress fitted better in an 18. 🙂

Today is my grandfather’s stone setting. Afterwards there’ll be a get together at my parents with bridge rolls etc.