It’s what’s on top that counts

Matzah itself isn’t so terrible diet-wise, between 75-100kcal per sheet.  It’s what goes on top which is important. There’s no mitzvah to slather it in butter, chocolate spread, mayonnaise or jam.  Cottage cheese, pickles, sliced meats, eggs, tuna, roasted vegetables.  All very filling, all very healthy.

Today’s food diary (erev Shabbos)

Breakfast – Porridge with almond milk

Morning snack – Plain yoghurt with sweetener

Lunch – Rice and chicken korma, banana, nkd cocoa orange bar

Tonight’s planned supper

Challah, roast chicken thigh, green beans, peas, carrots,

Estimated day’s calories will be about 1600-1800kcal.

Tomorrow we’re out for lunch so I don’t know what we’ll be having. I’m not too concerned, it’ll be ok.

Good Shabbos all,


P.s. My lovely neighbour asked me yesterday if I’d lost weight! May Hashem bless her profusely!!!!