Let’s just start with today’s food diary and get that out of the way before I share my brainwave I had earlier about changing over day and how to deal with it.

Breakfast – grape juice, shredded wheat, almond milk, raisins, chocolate rice cake, yoghurt with sweetener

Lunch out was actually very healthy – white Challah, salmon, pickles, salad, chicken, beef soup, avocado, egg mayo, chocolate pie

Shalosh seudos – small Challah roll with peanut butter, wafers

Unknown calories

Changing Over Day Tips

So, changing over day(s) are perhaps the most challenging time in Pesach prep. (The Day you take everything out of your kitchen, clean the room top to bottom, kosher bits that need koshering, cover bits that need covering, shlep in the pesach dishes from wherever you hide them all year – boxes in the shed for us- unpack everything and then do shopping and put it in the cleaned out kitchen).  Essentially for at least a day, sometimes two or even longer your kitchen is in a state of limbo. It’s not functioning as a chometz kitchen, but it’s not yet pesachdik either. So usually it’s takeaways or missing meals or having stayed up way too late and everything kind of just falls apart. I know I can’t be the only one who struggles with this.

We are planning to change over on Monday, starting the major kitchen cleaning tomorrow so I had this genius brainwave that before we start anything tomorrow I am going to make a big batch of sandwiches (to be eaten elsewhere) that will serve as lunch and possibly also supper. This will take away the panic associated with the sudden arrival of mealtimes and everyone inexplicably asking me to feed them.  

Perhaps this seems really obvious to everyone else but to me, this is a total epiphany. It just means that there won’t be repeated pizza or fish and chips.

Also LH is taking Monday off so that we can change over. This means not staying up to the wee small hours as we have in previous years and thereby avoiding the subsequent exhaustion and poor eating choices that result.

I’m also going to go to sleep as early as possible and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Good voch! Happy cleaning!