Exhausted! That’s how I’m feeling having been on my feet a lot and shlepped lots of heavy boxes the past two days. Who needs the gym?

The kitchen is pretty much changed over now and today I went and did my big shop (as in 2 trolleys pre checkout, 3 post).

Whether anyone else will doing my Pesach suggestions helpful or not, I don’t know. However for me, having thought through what is a very challenging time to stay in a diet/healthy eating plan and worked out some strategies in advance has so far been really useful.

I’m not yet at the stage of soup making, but I my slow cooker is on the counter, at the ready.

What really worked well yesterday was making sandwiches in advance.

Before starting any cleaning whatsoever I made enough sandwiches for everyone to have lunch, the children for supper and H for his packed lunches for today and tomorrow. This took an entire loaf. In retrospect, I would have got more bread and also made for LH and I for supper and also for our lunch today. However, it meant that come lunchtime when the kitchen as totally unusable everyone ate a proper lunch.

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk (last one before Pesach, I’m going to miss this breakfast)

Lunch – tuna and pickle sandwich

Snacks – lots of prunes

Supper – this was poorly planned, or in fact not planned at all. I was shattered by this stage and the kitchen was unusable. LH was heading out to shiur so even a takeaway wouldn’t have been an option until way too late. So supper was a tub and a half of cottage cheese.

Total calories for the day approximately 1200kcal.


Breakfast – 2 Weetabix with almond milk, A Clementine

Snack after returning from shops almost light headed with hunger! A few cranberries and a wafer

Lunch – a pack of salt beef, A carton of apple juice

Supper – takeaway teriyaki salmon with noodles and a few token vegetables, and a few chips. (Everyone else had pizza or fish and chips which I really didn’t want).

I don’t know how to estimate the calories for the takeaway, but I think the day is up to about 1400-1600 kcal.

Tomorrow the children only have school it’ll 1pm and then they are off. Somehow all the Yom tov cooking is going to get done, it always does. 

How impressive is this though, this is all the chocolate I bought for Pesach (plus one of those bags of the tiny Neapolitan chocolates)

I will do some baking though and I have masses of margarine, sugar, cocoa, chocolate chips and nuts.

I keep telling myself it’ll be ok.

I also keep concentrating on genuine progress I’ve made. I am definitely physically stronger. I was able carry heavy items with relative ease and bend down repeatedly in the course of cleaning and shopping. There was a stage when bending down to get something needed to be a calculated move. Not any more.

If anyone wants to share any Pesach recipes which are ideally a) slimming B’Simcha friendly! K) minimal prep and c) freeze well, I’m all ears!