Since I joined the expensive gym, I’ve only gone twice, and I’m not going to get there until the end of this month after the children are back at school.

Yes, it’s a stressful and busy time. I’ve been getting more and more wound up by everything. Has the lack of exercise (both the physical high and the emotional time for myself) played a part?

I was thinking of trying to add a tiny mini exercise routine into my day. Not that I’ll get hot and sweaty and need a shower but a few small strengthening exercises that only take a couple of minutes complete. Those is what I came up with:

10 squats

45s wall sit

45s plank

10 wall pushups

10 triceps dips

I just did it. It showed to me that a few weeks without any exercise and my strength really goes down as I had to stop in the middle of the wall sit and plank and I know I’ve done them for that long before.

What short and sweet exercises would you add into a routine like this?