1lb off! I thought I’d like to log it before the almost inevitable gain over Pesach.

Thank you for your support in helping me break free of the confines of my unhealthy habits. 

As Jews we believe that time has a circular rather than linear nature. More like a coil than a line, where each year when you return time the same time in the year and there is the potential to tap into the same spiritual power of that day. Pesach celebrates our freedom from slavery in Egypt, which is Mitzrayim in Hebrew. The word Mitzrayim comes from the same root as constricting, confining. 

There is the potential for each and every one of us to be freed, not just physically, but spiritually and emotionally from those things which confine us, which restrict us. 

May we all be able to access that potential and actualise our best selves.

A good Yom tov,