294 Erev Pesach,

295-296 first two days Yom tov,

297 first day chol hamoed

298 Erev Shabbos chol hamoed

Where to start?  Too many days to catch up on…

Let’s have some positivity. We’ve been having lots of family time. The sedarim were lively with the children all being up extremely late, participating and generally the experience being exactly what it was supposed to be: hugely child centred where we could try and pass along the traditions and teach them about leaving Mitzrayim (Egypt).

The food I’ve been making has been all very successful. Enough of everything, delicious, filling.
The desserts have also been very delicious….

We had a very successful outing to Great Notley Country Park yesterday. Amusingly, my friend Lily recommended somewhere completely different, but I misunderstood and what a fantastic discovery it was! Really fabulous place to go with tons to do. Walked lots and even ran a bit.

The negatives? Do I have to own up to eating rather a lot of chocolate, through mindless eating, dealing with over tired children, or just because? Plus biscuits, crisps and marshmallows. Oh and nuts.

I know I’ve gained at least 2lbs and although that is obviously not something I want to do, I can only focus on so much at once. If I had truly wanted to I’m sure I could have stayed very strictly on track but there were more important things that I needed to give my attention to, primarily that my family should be having a positive Pesach experience. And that is really what’s important this week.