A free newspaper came through the door today. For most of the day, I could just see the folded over headline which I felt was a really inspiring message.

Food wasn’t terrible (in fact it was rather delicious) but I’m not up to doing a detailed food diary.

I actually feel chocolate overload. I think I need to draw a line. 

Tomorrow is Erev Yom tov again, I’ve got quite a bit of cooking still to do for the last two days of Pesach (4 more festive meals, including having some guests).

It does fly past so fast, in a blur of food, family and friends.

Oh and in a totally different topic, and the weather is getting a bit more spring like/summery. This means a move away from my comfy black bullet proof m&s opaque tights into useless 15th denier skin coloured tights. If anyone out there can recommend a good brand of tights that will cope with the rigours of a size 20 wearer for daily wear, I’m all ears! So sick and tired of tights being basically a single use item!!! 

Is this a too much information/rather private question? I hope not.

Good Yom to everyone,