Do I dare share my weigh in this morning? No, I think I’ll just say it shows what I’ve been doing to by body is not good for it. Official post pesach weigh in will be on Wednesday. 

It is astonishing how quickly weight can go on, and how slowly I know it will be to come off. In two weeks I can undo two months of hard slog. Sigh.

I’m not actually feeling down though, I’m looking forward to a full two days Yom tov with guests for several meals, beautiful new clothes to wear and yummy food to eat.  I am ready to stop eating chocolate and sugar for a while though. It is all so unnecessary.

If I truly believe that last sentence, why do I do it? Why do I keep eating things that I know aren’t good for me? Things that make me feel bloated and tired? Things that make me gain weight?

This post is very much just a stream of consciousness type post.

A few weeks ago, I was in a friend’s kitchen, a lovely person who is naturally slim. I was standing for a while chatting with her and I was shifting my weight from one foot to the other, ahhh she pointed out to me and asked if I wanted to sit down. She said something like, “oh that’s what I do when I’m pregnant.” (Which I am not at the moment) only on later reflection did I realise that maybe if you aren’t lugging an extra 5 stone around that just standing around is not something uncomfortable to do for any long period of time. Is that the case? Any readers who’ve lost the weight already and have experienced this? I don’t feel pain in my legs our feet but I do feel tired being on my feet just standing still for hours (like today in the kitchen), like a general achiness. Her comment was not meant as an insult or criticism and I did not take it as one, but it has been playing on my mind.

Good Yom tov, the next time I blog, Pesach will be all over.