The whole doing a food diary thing seemed like a good idea after the stark reality of the scale this morning.

The reality of the day didn’t really turn out such a great food diary to share. We were changing the kitchen back from pesach today. For those who aren’t in the know, for the 8 days of Pesach we use entirely different crockery, cutlery, cooking pots, everything. A day or more before it starts we cover the regular surfaces of our kitchen with alternative coverings and switch the contents of our cupboards with our Pesach dishes that for the rest of the year live in storage. Yes, I am aware this sounds bonkers. But just try and imagine how disruptive it is.

Today we were putting everything back to normal, so taking all the Pesach things out, uncovering the kitchen, putting our regular things back.

It’s kind of like moving house. But without the moving part. While it is all going on the kitchen is essentially unusable and it is also quite physically strenuous. Add into the mix the fact that we had thought that the children were going to be out at my parents but then weren’t as my Grandma was unwell and my Mum needed to be with her. My Dad did come round and helped hugely, both looking after children and bringing lunch.

However, in the interest of accountability and honesty, I’ll do my best at an fairly accurate food diary.

Breakfast (244kcal) – banana, vanilla yoghurt, 6 green grapes 

Snack (144 kcal) – Clementine, 6 macadamia nuts, 4 prunes

The rest of the day (???kcal), lunch – kid size pizza with pineapple, sweetcorn and mushrooms, a handful chips

And then various pieces of chocolate, more macadamia nuts, a packet of crisps, a large wholemeal roll 

Just before 7th day Yom tov on Pesach I read an article about the splitting of the sea, I think it was on aish andI will try and find it to share but the message I took from it was that life is not about the calm. Life is about jumping into those rolling waves, the ups and down and trusting in Hashem. It is a fantastic message I think. I feel like life is exactly that, constant ups and downs, but that in reality I am doing exactly that, searching for the calm between the waves when I can “get on with loving my life”. 

How to learn to surf those waves, without crashing into the water and getting pulled under? That’s the real question.