Breakfast – 4 weetabix with almond milk

Lunch – rice cakes with cheese

Snack – prunes, banana

Supper – Chinese takeaway, veg spring rolls, chicken noodles, corn and chicken soup

We went to the Olympic Park today. My honest review of it is that it is overrated and there is far far far too much very boring walking until you get to the decent playground. It would be a good place to go if you are local, but if you took a bus and two trains and then a long walk, totally not worth it (as we did). Surely all that walking was good exercise though?

Total calories? Soon I’ll be more settled from Pesach and be able to get back into it properly. At least today’s for wasn’t actually entirely chocolate and sugar based.

I posted and then thought I’d estimate the calories of what I’ve eaten today using mfp. It’s at least 2200kcal. Which obviously isn’t good, but I at least have taken a step towards tracking better. Tomorrow will be even better I hope with a nice back towards the 1400kcal per day I need to be on