Back with MFP calorie tracking and eating normal food again. Ah, how wonderful. Even with the kids off school and preparing for Shabbos (note to self, remember next year to include the Shabbos after Pesach in the Pesach menu planning to avoid having to go shopping again, potentially with children in tow, nuff said).

Breakfast – 4 weetabix and almond milk (milk estimated)

Lunch – tuna and cucumber sandwich. See photo for shocking difference in calories of my year round mayo and Pesach one!

Snacks – banana, 2 x 7.5g chocolates, a half finished packet of crisps, orange, rice, lentil and potato hot pot, taste of biscuit dough

Supper will be: challah (1 small homemade roll approx 70g), chicken thigh (skin removed before cooking, onions, courgette, lentil potato bake

I think my calories will be about 1800kcal. Still not as low as it should be, but today is the first day I’ve properly calorie counted in a while and it really kept me so much more focussed and aware of all the noshing I’ve got in the habit of.
Good Shabbos