The first week back at school after Pesach has been pretty busy so not too much time for blogging, but here’s my food diaries for yesterday​ and today:

Day 310 (Wednesday)

Breakfast – Porridge with almond milk, yogurt with sweetener

Gym – 35 minutes leg strength training

Lunch – jacket potato with fake feta cheese and spinach

At kids’ supper time – rice and chicken korma

At my supper time – more rice and chicken korma. Oh my, I do love my korma. I’ve posted the recipe previously. It is just the best!

Total food 1748kcal, exercise 146kcal.

Day 311 (Thursday)

Breakfast – Porridge with almond milk, plain yogurt with sweetener, Clementine

Snacks – banana, chocolate pudding yogurt thing

1 hour Pilates

Lunch – 2 slices wholemeal toast and 2 fried eggs and sweetcorn

Snack – prunes

Supper – courgette and butternut squash spaghetti, 2 chicken burgers

Total food 1675kcal, exercise 217kcal 

Recapping all this makes me realise that I’m not totally on track. I’m simply eating too many calories. I’m still in a snacking habit that I had been getting out of and it isn’t good, as even on healthy stuff, the calories add up.  MFP still seems to think I’m headed for a loss. But the app doesn’t know that Shabbos is coming up, and then after that Sunday where I’m going to my Grandma for tea, and then bank holiday with everyone off school. The best thing I can do is go to sleep early I think.

I had wanted to share with you my unpleasant experience of trying the Pilates class at my gym on Tuesday, but I think I’d rather go to bed. Night night.