Breakfast – Porridge with almond milk and cinnamon -oh so good and yet so low calorie. Plus 4 prunes

Gym – 20 minutes of assorted mostly core exercises: 5 minutes of hoola hoop (seriously fun and seriously hard on your sides), 2x45s wall sit, about 20s plank, table top hundreds, 15 squats, 30 high knees, 1 set of reps on an arm machine (lat maybe? The one I find the hardest).

I had a meeting with one of my children’s teachers and others after this and having gone to the gym and have a shower afterwards gave me a spring in my step when going into the meeting.

Lunch – carrot spaghetti with mince beef and white wine stir fry. The last of the yummy little cinnamon chocolate rice cakes.

At children’s supper time I essentially had supper (chicken breast and rice). LH is due home late as he’s going to an internet safety awareness meeting at school tonight. 
But then later I had “dessert” of more Porridge with cinnamon. 

What a cinnamony day! I wonder why I’ve gravitated towards cinnamon at every meal today. I’m going to go googling about cinnamon and what its benefits are. Perhaps my body is trying to tell me something.

Total food approx 1435kcal exercise 86kcal