2lbs on. Weight is not as bad as it was when I weighed on Monday. But obviously any gain isn’t good.

I know when I look at other people’s blogs I find that by seeing their actual weight and weight loss helps me to get a better feel of whether they will understand me and my struggles. So having said that, I think I might start sharing my actual weight instead of just the amount I’ve lost. What do you say readers? 

Breakfast – fruit n fibre with almond milk (I didn’t have time for Porridge as I had to spend 10 minutes attempting, unsuccessfully to scrub blue felt tip off the face and hands of a certain three year old boy who shall remain nameless)

Snack – plain yogurt with sweetener

Lunch – potato with tuna mayo and feta style cheese. A carrot

Snack – a crembo. A scone.

Supper – meatballs in tomato sauce with green beans. Some Cinnamon rice cakes delicious things

Total calories 1374kcal