When I don’t write the day straight away it is harder to remember afterwards. Thursday was a good on track day with my calories being just under 1600kcal, (tracked with MFP).

I didn’t track totally yesterday but it probably ended up about 2000kcal. Don’t know about today, and honestly, I want to go to bed and not put it all in the app right now.

I want to ask a question though to seek your advice, please leave me a comment below with your tips. 

How do you deal with social eating? 

Not in restaurants because I can deal with that fairly well in general, and I don’t go out to eat that often anyway. I mean sitting as a family, a couple or with friends where others keep eating for longer or in larger quantities than you want to. To be sociable I’ll keep eating when it it were just me I’d have either stopped at the first servings instead of having seconds and thirds. Or you feel like you don’t want to make an issue of eating e.g. a friend is having a chocolate from a box of chocolates and I don’t especially want one, but it is a friendly thing to say yes.

I’m coming to realise that the key to consistent weight loss is resisting all those little tastes, nibbles and treats, the 100-300kcal here and there that makes the difference.  

Now if only I can remember that when trying a few spoons of cake mixture (ahem Thursday), icing (Friday) and snacking on chicken legs when it was fresh out of the oven (Friday), when eating cereal in leisurely way on Shabbos morning and so having raisin wheats as well as my weetabix, having cake after lunch and ice cream after shalosh seudos (today). If I can resist all these little bits, then I’ll succeed. How do I do it???