I think read the following quote on I think Koren’s blog, but I can’t seem to find it again (if it was your blog please let me know in the comments below). “It isn’t a treat if it hurts you.” It really struck home. Well not immediately yesterday to not eat cake for breakfast, but it did today at least!

My treat today? I went to the gym. I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch but she wasn’t feeling up to it, so instead I went home and did some food prep. I made a pot of vegetable soup, some tuna and sweetcorn burgers (that were so delicious that I needed to stop myself eating the whole batch of 8), and a big pan of roasted veg.

I also had a stunning lunch of chicken and avocado salad.

This is much better.

Having some time to myself when the kids are at school is the best. I wouldn’t say it is impossible to lose weight when you don’t have that time, but time above anything else is the most valuable thing you can treat yourself with. Time for food prep, time for exercise, time for relaxation and sleep. Not money. Time. 

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk and cinnamon, vanilla yogurt, banana

Lunch – chicken and avocado and salad leaves

Snacks – 3 tuna burgers, cinnamon rice cakes, 


Supper – pita and vegetable soup

Total food 1535kcal, exercise 220kcal