I ate well, I did loads of exercise, I had meatballs for supper AND M ATE 5 OF THEM SAYING THEY WERE LIKE THE ONE FROM SCHOOL DINNERS!! RESULT!

These were the mantras that kept me going through my workout today:

“If you really want it, act like it ” 

“Hard is good. Difficult does not equal bad”

(I just installed a meme making app. What do you think of my first creations?)

I just remembered the other one (when I was dithering between swimming and aqua aerobics).

“Any exercise is good exercise and better than no exercise.”

Breakfast – Porridge with almond milk, cinnamon and raisins

Snack before gym – nakd bar carrot cake

At gym: 5 minutes on the step machine. About 25 mins Leg strength machines at higher weights than before (I meant to record details but didn’t). 45 minutes aqua aerobics

Snack after gym – banana

Lunch – tuna burgers, salad, mushrooms and feta style cheese. Plain yogurt with cinnamon mini rice cakes in it. 

Snacks – meatball, 3 prunes, 3 more meatballs

Supper – 4 meatballs, squash spaghetti, baked beans

Total food 1438kcal, exercise 430kcal

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s weigh in. I really hope that the last two days of being on track will have paid off enough to have lost something this week.