Breakfast – porridge with almond milk, cinnamon and a small Apple cut up into the letter before cooking. This had the potential to be really delicious but the apple was fairly tasteless unfortunately 

Lunch – roasted veg (cooked on Monday) with melted cheese, plain yogurt with sweetener

Snacks – banana cake mixture, banana, nakd bar cocoa orange, banana cake

Plan for Shabbos – tonight

Matza, Chicken thigh and leg, roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips, onion

Estimated calories for today will be about 1700-1800kcal.

Tomorrow – 

Breakfast – grape juice, 2 weetabix with almond milk, yogurt, blueberries

A friend is making a bar mitzvah kiddush. Hmm how should I plan? I think I will try and focus on the socialising. I may have something small if it looks particularly worth it. Also it is on the other side of Edgware so at least I’ll get a good walk in (maybe 20 minutes each way)

Lunch – challah, salmon, various salads, chicken, rice, gluten free orange cake. Got friends coming over who I know it’s an avid reader of my blog, and so there won’t be pressure to eat badly, in fact, quite the opposite.

Shalosh seudos – challah, tuna, salad, peanut butter? Chicken?  

Total calories? I imagine at least 2000. But I haven’t calculated them.

I’m going to try and stay focused on enjoying the people I’m with over Shabbos, family and friends, which are enhanced by good food, but the food is not the ikar (primary thing). Let’s see how it goes.

Good Shabbos,