We had a very sociable weekend and I don’t think I can itemise everything I ate but I’d like to record a few things that I think were helpful strategies for not totally losing the plot.

We had on Shabbos a bar mitzvah kiddush to go to, then guests for lunch, then Sunday morning a bris, then Sunday evening the bar mitzvah seuda. Phew! I rarely have that many social engagements in a month! I doubt​ that I will lose weight this week though.

Shabbos Bar Mitzvah Kiddush

When a Jewish boy turns 13 they become bar mitzvah (literally the son of the commandments) and obligated in all that a Jewish man is obligated in. Usually the boy will lead a section of the service and/or read from the Torah on Shabbos morning. After the service there is a kiddush, a reception with lots of yummy food (cake, pastries, crudités, fruit, crackers and dips). 

It was a good twenty minute walk there and back, which aside from a slight tights malfunction was a good start. 

  • Kiddush strategy: eat a decent breakfast beforehand, focus on schmoozing rather than noshing, only have something if it really seems worth it.

I ate a sweet that M insisted I ate, plus half of a petit fours which was not delicious.

Shabbos Lunch guests

They came with their own dietary requirements and are well aware of my weight loss attempts. I didn’t therefore have bad peer pressure, in fact quite the opposite. I’d made lots of vegetable options, and opted for matza instead of challah

The thing is. When it is just us I don’t bother with starters, just a nice main and dessert, but when we have guests I feel like you have to have starter. But then essentially I’m eating two meals worth of meals.

  • Made lots of salads, have matza instead of challah, I enjoyed our company and that was the focus rather than the food.

Sunday morning bris

My friend and avid blog reader Lily made a bris (circumcision) for her son on Sunday morning. Mazel tov! This was followed by a bagel and pastry breakfast. 

  • Bris strategy – I ate breakfast before going (2 weetabix with almond milk) and didn’t wash for bread so just ate some smoked salmon and a yogurt. Thereby avoided eating cream cheese, high calorie tuna and egg and croissants.

Theres a ritual washing of hands prior to eating bread and following a bread meal there is a long prayer to say. For other foods the blessings before and after are shorter and don’t require ritual hand washing. Obviously washing for hygiene is always recommended!

Sunday night bar mitzvah seuda

The bar mitzvah seuda (meal) was a beautiful catered event in a local school hall.  I wasn’t sure​what to expect before I got there. One of the list bar mitzvahs I went to, the starter took a long time to come out and there was just a massive challah for each person which I ended up eating out of hunger. So I thought I should eat something before I went so I didn’t dive into whatever was on the table. For some reason which I cannot explain, I therefore are a large quantity of banana cake. Yes, I am aware that banana cake isn’t healthy and was a poor choice. I decided before going that I wouldn’t wash for bread. That then meant I didn’t fit into the bread basket which was on the table, I didn’t have the toasted bread with the chopped liver and egg starter (just everything else),

Or the croutons in the soup (I chose butternut squash rather than chicken)

By the time the stuffed chicken came out I was also feeling stuffed and couldn’t finish it but made a good attempt.

And I ate perhaps a third to a half of dessert. And had a small glass of wine (which was a very nice Chardonnay I might add).

  • Eat before going, don’t wash for bread

On Monday I was so exhausted. I turning into such an old lady! One late night and I’m finished. Once if taken the children to school I can’t back home and went back to bed for two hours. I’m so rock n roll. I literally did nothing all day and took a day off. Highly recommended. I might do it again sometime. But the day off mentality and tiredness definitely spilled into poor food choices.

  • Strategy that needs implementing which I don’t want to do: not have anything in the house that I will nosh on(including in the freezer in the shed at the end of garden – you know you are motivated to eat rubbish if you’ll go out in the rain for it) 
  • Reread my rules
  • Buy some convenient vegetables and protein to kick start myself.

The scales this morning had gone up far too much.  Why is it so easy to gain weight but so so hard to lose it again?