So after seeing a gain on the scales on Wednesday I’ve tried to be stricter with myself and also to really try and work harder in my workouts.

Yesterday food 1504kcal, exercise 317kcal

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk and peanut butter and prunes – this is the most decadent tasting breakfast and is only 284kcal!!!

Gym – 5 minutes hula hoop (is this actually of any health benefit or just lots of fun?) 3 sets of 15 reps on the pull down arm machine, 2 45s wall sits, 30 minutes treadmill. By the end I looked like this:

(Yes that’s my beetroot from lunch, but I was short, round and very very red!)

Snack – prunes

Lunch – chicken, beetroot, dried mango

Supper – 3 slices of granary bread and 3 bowls of lentil/vegetable soup

Today – total food 1627kcal, exercise 217kcal

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

Snacks – plain yogurt with sweetener, prunes,  a carrot

1 hour Pilates

Lunch – salmon and salad and sweetcorn, followed by a massive bowl of pearl barley. I can’t do just protein and vegetables, I get too hungry.

Snacks and supper – not good habit of picking at children’s supper time, salmon and chips. This got me to almost my full calorie allowance so for my actual supper I thought my best bet was cello and so had warm weetabix with almond milk, raisins and an orange. This was actually really filling. And the orange was really good. My calories for the past two days were still a little higher than the should be, I’d rather be at 1400 a day rather than 1500-1600 but it should still be giving me a deficit.

I think I need some kind of short term motivator to get me to the next stone lost and onwards. I can’t think of what would actually motivate me though when the going gets tough. I’m only about a month away from having done this for a year and by then I’d like to have lost another stone, but seriously, that’s a bit unrealistic. Half a stone would be great though. I’m going to try.

Thank you all for your support and comments.