It is so frustrating when you’ve typed newly a whole post and then when you come back it has vanished. I’d been writing all my food as I went along today and I came to just finish it off and in a puff of smoke it has all gone. Maybe since it isn’t on WordPress, the calories don’t count. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I spent a long time checking cabbage and salad leaves for bugs.  3 heads of cabbage and two containers of salad leaves. Being able to grab the time when it is available is the key to success, I think. In addition to the cabbage for tonight there are four bags of cabbage in the fridge for future meals. Hurrah!

Breakfast – Porridge with almond milk and cinnamon and raisins, plain yoghurt with sweetener

Mid morning – chicken burger from the freezer

Lunch – another chicken burger, prunes

To check the eggs were done perfectly, 1 egg

30 minutes aerobics (YouTube is so useful). This is a very good beginner’s routine. I still worked up a sweat but I didn’t feel like I was going to die or need several hours to recover. Which was good because I only had 45 minutes to shower and get dressed before doing the school run!
A strange thought was going through my head. It’s a bit sinister, but I was thinking that if like to be fit enough to be able to run for my life.

A strange goal and one that I hope never to have to test, but it would be pretty awful if I was in some kind of dangerous situation and because of my unfitness I were to die.

As I said, a bit of a sinister and morbid thought. Welcome to my strange mind. I try not to share all the worst case scenarios that play out in my head, as I have a very vivid imagination, but I think this is a good goal that I hope never to test.

Moving swiftly on….

Later I tried the chicken (2 half wings, 1 leg, skin removed before cooking).

Tonight’s plan: matza, chicken thigh, cabbage and mushrooms.

Total day’s calories hovering around 1400! ๐Ÿ˜€  exercise 275kcal

Tomorrow’s plan:

Breakfast : grape juice, matza, cottage cheese, pickles

Lunch : matza, oven baked shnitzel, barley salad, salad leaves

Shalosh seudos : matza, egg mayo, salad

This takes me to just under 1000 kcal which gives me leeway to have a few other bits and bobs and not go over. The matza rather than challah is the deal breaker in m Shabbos stay in my calories.

Good Shabbos all