Lessons learnt:

  • Get enough sleep
  • Take snacks with when I know I’m going to be out all morning.
  • Don’t buy things, even “healthy snacks” in anything other than individual sized packets.
  • Keep counting even if it above my calorie limit.
  • Don’t make chocolate ganache. Or if I do, put it straight in the freezer.

Breakfast – Porridge with almond milk and prunes

Lunch – 1 chicken thigh, 2 chicken legs, 1 chicken wing, boiled cabbage, entire bag of cinnamon sugar rice cakes, A banana

Total calories at this point (approx 1.30pm) 1200kcal

Then, I made some pretty chocolate tarts for Shavuos which is next week.

There was some excess ganache though…. Which I sampled….

And then for supper I made vegetarian Bolognese with orzo which is one of those 2 minute to make, deliciously delicious recipes. I had twice as much as photographed.

Total calories for the day probably about 3000.

So this morning (day 337) I have got up, had my Porridge with almond milk and cinnamon, and I am writing this having spent 30 minutes on the treadmill (nobody else really cares, but for my own records, day 1 of week 2 of couch to 5k, 5 minutes walking, 90 seconds running alternating with 2 minutes walking) about half an hour of weights machines and I’m now going to go swim for half an hour. 

Tomorrow I WILL have a loss to report.