For some reason there was a missing part to the previous post, so it didn’t quite make sense. Here is the complete text.

The first paragraph should have said:

At the gym – 30 minutes on the treadmill, week 2 day 1 of couch to 5k. I am a very private and secretive person. Which may seem ironic for someone writing a blog. But like my late Grandfather who I am named after, I play my cards close to my chest. It’s funny perhaps. But that’s how I am. I suppose there is a fear of opening yourself up to humiliation and ridicule. 

Thanks to  Bex for really inspiring me with her newfound running and sharing her photos and progress. I find it really truly inspiring.

As such, I find that sharing that I’ve been attempting running to be something I really hesitated to share. Memories of school “athletics” are ones of me nearly collapsing from the 1500m with the taste of blood in the back of my throat. I see runners running along the side of the road and I secretly admire them for their ability and bravery. For modesty reasons I wouldn’t run in public but I aspire to be fit enough to run a marathon. 

These are very big secrets for me. Why? Maybe because they truly own up to a huge goal of actually being the type of person who is really really fit and healthy. And what if I don’t get there? What if I never get there? What if I fail, staying obese and fat forever? And then having shared this goal with others, what then?