A hard day.

I had planned to visit my Grandma today in the care home where she now lives. She is 101 and has dementia and as much as I wasn’t looking forward to visiting, what actually transpired was even more difficult.  She was in a pretty poor state physically, and it was decided that she should go to hospital. My Dad was there also and so I then met Grandma and Daddy at the hospital.  At the time of writing this, with the help of the wonderful NHS, she is not as distressed as she was. But things don’t look good.

Who knows what the next few days will hold?

Breakfast – Porridge with almond milk and cinnamon, vanilla yogurt

After decision made to go to hospital – 25g dried mango (the only food I’d brought with me)

A quick run around Sainsbury’s for supplies. Who knew how long we’d be there?

At the hospital (lunch) Peanut nakd bar (an amazing discovery), banana, Jacobs cream crackers

On leaving the hospital to collect the children from school- a kosher Mars bar equivalent, kettle chips (which later at home I weighed out a similar looking quantity which was about 25g), another peanut nakd bar

At children’s supper time – some pasta

Supper – making the most of the salad I washed last week, an omelette with mixed greens

Something that helped me not overeat today was the fact I wore a new dress today. It clings in all the wrong places and despite being long and flowey somehow also is not flattering at all. Which is a shame. But made me very conscious of my extra tyre around my middle all day.

Total food calories 1474kcal no exercise

I feel a small sense of achievement in having kept my food under control today. I bought so much nosh on my Sainsbury’s supermarket sweep but in the end I didn’t eat it.  Well not yet anyway.