Firstly, thank you for all your lovely messages. My Grandma is still with us but is really not very well. She’s in hospital being cared for well.

Secondly, it was a little surreal given yesterday that my day today included going to the gym (day 2, week 2 of couch to 5k!) Then a brunch in aid of Jewish Women’s Aid which my Mum had invited me to join her and my other Grandma at a while ago.  This type of event is really above my station (they offered to park my car for me!) but it is a very important charity which is unfortunately needed to help women in the community who are being abused. It was terribly to hear that they have about 600 cases they deal with per year.  How truly awful.

The food was surprisingly healthy though.

My breakfast had been my usual Porridge with almond milk plus dried strawberries

Brunch – smoked salmon, cream cheese, scrambled egg. I didn’t eat the bread

Little pots with a bit of yoghurt and ether blueberry and cranberry compote or granola (I had one of each)

The fruit had strawberries on it (which I am allergic to) so I didn’t have any fruit. I had half a small pain au chocolat (which wasn’t that great) and half a small croissant (which I could have happily eaten 25 of)

Once home I had 2 hard boiled eggs, and a small tin of sweetcorn

During the children’s supper time I ate quite a bit of chicken breast in sweet and sour sauce (my children have no idea of what delicious food is!)

While deciding what to have for my supper I ate a few spoons of rice. Decision made -a peanut butter nakd bar, weetabix and almond milk

I’ve very much estimated the calories of brunch and I hope I’ve overestimated because Total food approx 2200kcal, exercise 217kcal

It’s also very hot today, at least 25°C. Hey can’t be bothered to do anything more in the kitchen.

Tomorrow the children finish school at 1pm for a week off school for Shavuos and half term. I am woefully unprepared practically or emotionally.