I bet you are fed up of reading stupid posts like this one will be. Why can’t I learn from my previous mistakes? 

It’s the silly and untrue thoughts that sabotage, such as, “Well I know that I’ll gain over Yom Tov and the following week so what difference if I eat badly today”. I know in my head that this is nonsense and yet… 

Breakfast and lunch were fine (Porridge with almond milk, dried strawberry, banana. Toasted pita with fried eggs and feta). Then are the last few bits of pasta leftover from the children’s lunch that I ate. Then we went to a park and on return I just lost focus for a bit, had a nakd bar, cinnamon rice cakes in quantity, a cereal bar. I am all cooked out, even though I haven’t cooked for Shavuos much yet. LH therefore wonderfully made salmon and vegetables for supper.

Lost count on the calories

Another unhelpful, intrusive and untrue thought, “I’m a lost cause”. I know in theory I’m not, but I wish I’d just stop sabotaging myself. 

An early night can’t fail to help. The sun keeps waking me up very early.