Sometimes there’s so much to keep in my head, so many important priorities, it is hard to know what to think about first. Yom Tov cooking needing to be done, children to be looked after, husband to be nice to, Grandma continuing to decline, oh, and eating healthily and trying to lose weight, maintaining the house. I can’t keep it all in.

Breakfast – Porridge with almond milk, raisins and cinnamon. Plain yogurt with sweetener

Morning, I made the most fiddly and beautiful food I think I’ve ever made. Potato roses. Based on the method and recipe here at Family friends food. I changed a few details and didn’t measure any quantities.

I ate some of the mashed potato mixture and an entire rose. AMAZING!!! (What’s the point of having a blog of you can’t show off? You know I don’t make food like this every day!)

Lunch – pita with tuna mayo and pickles. 2 chocolate oaties. Prunes.

We then went to soft play in the afternoon, followed by Kanteen in Brent Cross for supper. I have a guilty secret pleasure​of watching cookery shows on YouTube and recently saw some of the last Master chef professionals. Ravioli had been made and raved about so when I saw it on the menu I thought I’d give it a go. I was feeling in a bit of a blah and just wanted to have something really yummy. 

Then they didn’t have it in stock so I ordered a sweet potato, feta, cashew, mushroom and other bits and pieces salad.

It was outstanding. I couldn’t finish it, it was so enormous. I’d also ordered broccolini to go with the ravioli, which I forgot to cancel.

Somehow I found space to share a hot chocolate sauce sundae with LH though!

Total day’s calories? Who knows. The day ended with everyone in a good mood.

Tomorrow has the potential to be incredibly hectic as LH is at work, the children are home, I haven’t finished cooking and Hashem only knows what will happen with Grandma.

My Shavuos menu is currently looking something like this: of anyone wants to give suggestions of easy peasy ideas, I’m still open to suggestions.  ✓ notates things that I havethe cooked already

Tuesday evening – 1st night

Challah and ✓dessert – it is so late, no-one trout wants to eat at 11pm

Wednesday day – 1st day

Salmon, barley salad, crudities, roasted beetroot and feta salad

Supper – ✓vegetable and lentil soup – I had the idea if making kneidlach but it isn’t going to happen, maybe with noodles, or rice or just challah, or even pittas which I have lots in the freezer

Wednesday night – 2nd night – challah and ✓dessert

Thursday day – 2nd day – ✓ salt beef and✓ potato roses and a vegetable, maybe cabbage

Thursday supper – ? Salmon