My LH thinks I should take advantage of my black and white attitude towards things and just go for it. So here is a day of trying to do just that:

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk and cinnamon. Strawberry yogurt

Gym – on treadmill 5 minutes walking (5kph) then 1.5 min running (9kph) alternated with 2 mins walking (4-5kph) 5 times then 2 minutes jogging.

One set of 15 reps on lat pull down machine, 30s wall sit, 10 knee push ups, 4 minutes (for duration of Inshallah by Yaakov Shweley) hula hooping.

Pre lunch snack – 3 lychees

Lunch – awesome stir fry (twice the quantity pictured) – onion, pepper, carrot, chicken breast, soy sauce, sesame oil, a bit too much ginger. I was so stuffed silly I was forcing myself to finish it. I knew I wouldn’t be eating anything else til much later.

I know I’m taking it seriously when I make stir fry.

5 dried apricots, which are just too delicious and chewy.

After Grandma’s funeral – a banana, 5 mini chocolate rice cakes (from a small bag shared with R and LH.)

Supper – chicken stroganoff with many thanks to the chef that slims again for this incredibly juicy easy recipe. Highly highly recommended.

Total food calories 1451kcal, exercise 200kcal

Just like I check my weight daily, I’m going to start listing it here daily with any change noted. I’ll update my progress page only once a week still though.

Weight 13st 6lbs (-1lb) total weight loss 22.5lbs

Thank you for all your support and encouragement. I really do appreciate every like and comment.