Wow, thank you for all your support yesterday. I really appreciate all the comments and “likes”. They are like a virtual round of applause.

Today I went for it again.

Weight 13st 5lbs (-1lb) 

Breakfast – porridge and almond milk and cinnamon

30 minutes on treadmill – week 3 of c25k except I think I got confused but it certainly worked me hard! 5 minutes walking, 90s running, 90s walking, 3 minutes running 3 minutes walking. Except I think I was supposed to repeat that and instead I repeated the 3 mins/3 mins until I got to 25 minutes then 5 minutes very slow walking. Goodness I was exhausted but I RAN FOR THREE MINUTES STRAIGHT!! And although I thought I might die, in fact I didn’t.

After gym snack – boiled egg, plain yogurt, salted roasted cashews, a cracker

Lunch (thank you Mummy) – roast chicken, boiled carrots and green beans. Mango and pineapple 

Snack – Clementine

Supper – jacket potato with light cheddar, chrayne and pickles.

Last night snack on returning from the shiva – turkey slices

 total food 1450 calories, exercise 195 calories