Weight 13st 4lbs(-1lb) although the scales flickered between that and 13st 5lb shall we agree that between us that the lower number is surely the more accurate one? 

I didn’t go to the gym today and also ate for emotional reasons, making myself a lunch like meal, except it was only 10.30am, and therefore being hungry at about 2 so I had more for. However at the shiva this evening I totally resisted the plates of cakes and biscuits which were so temptingly out.

Although I didn’t go to the gym, I did get out in the garden and mowed the lawn and did some weeding. This wasn’t very strenuous but did lead me to this gardening analogy:

Breakfast – Porridge with almond milk, cinnamon, dried apricots and raisins

Morning meal – sun dried tomato wrap with avocado and chicken. Then more chicken. Dried apricots

Later comfort food – Porridge with almond milk and hot chocolate powder

Supper – frittata (onion, pepper, spinach, cabbage, flour, garlic, eggs)

Food total calories 1785kcal.

Tomorrow the kids are off school as their school is a polling station. Oh hurray.

I find it so helpful today when I was tempted to eat more that my likes were coming in on yesterday’s post. Thank you so much for your encouragement everyone.