Weight 13st 3lb (+-)  

Total loss 25.5lbs, 1st 11.5lbs

Breakfast – Porridge with almond milk and cinnamon. Prune yogurt

Snack – quinoa

Lunch – pasta, cottage cheese, pickles,

Gym – treadmill except I kept accidentally cancelling the time and so lost track a bit. I did 90s intervals and a couple of 2 mins runs also but couldn’t face trying 3 minutes. Definitely worked up a sweat.

Snack – a bite of apricot crunch nakd bar (yuck), 5 prunes, a chicken wing with skin, leftover bits of chicken from kids supper, 

Tonight I will have matza and rice and beef stew (beef, peppers, onion, tomato)

I think the day will end at about 1800-2000 calories.

Tomorrow’s plan:

Breakfast – grape juice, 2 weetabix. Fruit. Yogurt

Lunch – matza, chicken, turkey, quinoa salad (pomegranate, corn, cranberries), carrots, pickles. Mango sorbet and fresh mango.

Shalosh seudos – matza, cottage cheese, pickles, fruit

I watched a great vlog earlier by Cledra Gross. I think I’m going to watching a lot more of her stuff. This is the quote I took from it, (I may have paraphrased): “Act in a way that you can get what you want and then keep it” Loved it! Go watch it now.

Good Shabbos!