Breakfast – porridge with almond milk, cinnamon, raisins and peanut butter – wanted to have a little bit more protein before going to the gym as afterwards I’ve been famished.

On treadmill – 5 mins walking then 90s intervals of ring/walking for 20 mins, 5 mins walk. Today was more doable, and my walking speed was faster all the way through at 5kph, running 9kph. Last 1 minute running at 9.5 and end walking at 5.6 it appears.

Lunch – chicken, mushroom, carrot, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, vinegar, sweetener. Peanuts. Stun. Ning.

I weighed out the nuts and then worked out the calories. They were higher than I wanted to go for that meal, so I took some out. It doesn’t look like much but I know that those are things that really add up.

R had sports day today and I joined him on a lap of the cross country (running round a small park) or he was liable to go wandering off. They had to do it four times! That was a very long run! I don’t think I could have done that! (Just measured the distance around the park with Google maps, each lap was about 0.3-0.4miles, that’s half a km)

Snacks – prunes, a cracker, Banana

Supper – same as lunch plus rice minus peanuts

Being at sports day brought back all those childhood memories of being rubbish at PE. I can remember my secondary school reports where in contrast to other more academic where I excelled with not much effort, for PE I would get A for effort but E for attainment. Basically I tried hard but I was rubbish at it. 

I’m trying to change that. I wonder what my PE teacher thought of me. I also wonder if she would feel proud of the efforts in making now to change myself into an active person.

I feel like if I were to grade myself now, I’d give myself a B for effort and a C for attainment. I feel like I’m not exerting maximum effort but also I’m no longer at the bottom of the fitness pile. I’ve got a way to go until I’m scaling mountains and running ultra marathons but I don’t get out of breathe going up the stairs at home, I can run short distances and I’m forming solid muscle under the flab

1400-1500kcal, 200kcal exercise

Weight 13st 5lb (+-)