Everyone was tired this morning but even though there was hardly any time, I made sure I ate breakfast. Nothing goes well if I don’t eat breakfast. And we were on time for school.

Breakfast – 2 Weetabix with almond milk and raisins

Snack – prunes

Gym – about 8 minutes hula hooping. I watched this video last night and thought, “that looks so fun. Insanely difficult but fun.” I attempted to walk on the spot at one point in hula hooping. Hahahahaha! Not a chance! But I am now able to keep the hoop going for longer while bopping away to music.

Treadmill – 5 mins walk (5kph), intervals of 2 mins running (9kph) 90s walking for 20 mins, one of the intervals I did at 8.5kph, 5 mins walking (5kph).

But one day I will be able to run for more than two minutes.

10 squats, 2x50s wall sits

Lunch – quinoa, chicken, corn

Snacks – prunes, boiled new potatoes (kids supper), cottage cheese, banana

Supper – courgette and smoked salmon cheese omelette

Total food 1562 kcal, exercise 266kcal

Weight 13st 4lbs (-1lb) 

Tomorrow morning I’ll do an “official” weigh in and update my progress page too.

Until then…. Be well.