The scales on Friday morning (yesterday) showed 13st 3lbs. That’s 1lb off. It’s the magical number that I hovered around for so so long. Not this time. I’m going to say goodbye to 13st soon. Mark my words.

(Except for the cake mixture I ate today – birthday season has started, R, M, H, my MIL, my sister, my mum, my niece and myself all birthdays between 12th June and 20th July). This cake is for Sunday when R has a few friends over to celebrate. I plan to cover it in whipped cream…..

And apart from the marshmallows, piece of cake and Coco pops I ate today.

Calories for yesterday​ and today probably about 2000kcal each. We were out for lunch and firstly I had already told her I like to have matza rather than challah, which is a big step for me in being open about my weight loss attempts, and secondly she’d also made loads of healthy delicious salads. 

It was very very hot today. Drank lots of water. 

I just want to sleep now, but wanted to post something before doing so even if it isn’t a detailed diary.