I’m going to give you an honest food diary for yesterday. It was about 30°C and R had a few friends over to celebrate his birthday. The heat combined with making sure that everyone was ok and happy led to some not ideal food choices.

Oh, and shall I mention that later, after everyone left and I sat down in an armchair for literally one minute, a window got broken by a stray piece of flying Lego?

Breakfast -porridge with almond milk

A few spoons of whipped cream icing when decorating the cake.

Lunch – 100g pasta with 30g light cheese. Then picked at more pasta. Plus a spoon of strawberry ice cream when giving the kids cones.

Blueberry and cream birthday cake

On window breaking – two squares of 85% chocolate

A bit more cake

A small bag of abc cookies

Supper – pasta and cheese that has been too large a portion for one of my children so I finished it off.


Not my best day of food. But on reflection it actually wasn’t so so terrible.