Since I’ve started using the treadmill at the gym I’ve been really relying on music to get me through the workouts.  A good motivating song, either because of the lyrics or the beat or both really makes such a massive difference to how well I do. My taste in music is just so varied and eclectic though that it does amuse me.  I thought I’d share some of my playlists and please do write in the comments below with suggestions of other good music to listen to when running/working out.

I have tried to give up non Jewish music as so much of it is not in keeping with my religious sensitivities.  However, there is a real enormous gaping hole that is in the world of Jewish music for good quality music. And I have found myself resorting to some non Jewish tracks recently to keep me moving. I feel like I’ve listened to the same music over and over too many times.

I look forward to your suggestions.

Let’s start with my Jewish workout playlist shall we? Let’s start with the cheese!

Ari Goldwag, “Am Echad

Benny Friedman:

Ivri Anochi

“Ashira Lashem”

“Reb Yehoshua Omer” which if someone could explain the “got to hustle Yosl” lyric, I’d be ever so grateful.


“Im Ein Ani Li”

Fulfill Your Tefillah

Kol haNeshama

Bum bum

Kulam Sharim

Gad Elbaz, “Hashem Melech

Yaakov Shwekey: “Lo yaavod”

Et Rekod

Ma’amin Benisim

We are a Miracle


“Bederech Hamelech”

Inshallah” (This is my hula hooping track – I’ll let you imagine that and laugh your head off now”

“Chaval Al Hazman”

I Can Be” – All together now… “I can be stronger, I can be braver”

Eyal Golan, “Mi She’ma’amin”


Less cheesy Jewish stuff

Blue Fringe, “Hodu”

JudaBlue: “Falling”

“Hinei Kel” – This is the really the best one I’ve got in terms of speed and lack of cheesiness. Please please someone find me more music like this!!!

“Darchei Noam”

Gabriel Hason: ” Maschim”

“Linsoa Mikan”


“Sir Nafuach”

Moshav, “Come Back” (but I’ve listened it to so many times I can’t any more)


Slightly questionable Jewish music which is just too good to not listen to and very funny

The Groggers:

“Malka Jihad”

“Yetzer hara”

“One last Shatnez”

For women only (female singers who would not want to be listened to by men)

Nechama Cohen: “Inside Out”

The non Jewish stuff I found myself listening to the other day.

I heard a snippet of “Fame” on an advert on the radio and thought that would be really motivating.  There may have been some hand actions going on on the treadmill….

Which was clearly part of someone else’s youTube playlist and went onto:

“Back to the Future” (maybe I was imagining being Marty McFly who did lots of running….)

“Ghostbusters” (yes I was laughing by this point, but it was actually really good to run to!)

“Eye of the Tiger” (How could you not try and throw a few punches?)

“Final Countdown”

Bon Jovi, “Livin on a Prayer”, “You give love a bad name”, and finally “Wanted Dead or Alive”

Not a workout song but one of my favourite songs which isn’t Jewish but is this gorgeous country song for when it all seems too much by Phil Vasser, “Just Another Day in Paradise”.  

And two more songs that I’m loving at the moment, Hanan ben Ari’s  “Wikipedia” which is about the need for knocking down the divisions that are between us, and (women only) Yonina, “Rega”, about making every moment count.

So there you have it, a glimpse into the strange and eclectic music tastes of Simcha.

Please open my eyes to more good music out there. It must exist.