Surely not? 

Breakfast – Weetabix and almond milk (too hot for porridge)

Snack pre gym – banana

31 minutes on treadmill – 5 mins walk, 3 mins run, 1.5 w, 3r, 1.5w, 1.5r, 1.5w, 1.5r, 1.5w, 2r, 2w, 1r, 3w, 1.5r, 1.5w. 

There was literally sweat dripping off my face. It was not a pretty sight. 

Lunch – chicken and carrots

Snack – a cream cracker, two snackers crackers

Supper – chicken and spinach and peanuts, half a pomegranate,

Total calories 891kcal, exercise 253kcal.

Weight 13st 3lbs (-1lb)