Breakfast – 2 weetabix and almond milk

Snack – prunes

3 minutes hula hooping to this fab tune Tutim by Hanan ben Ari. Then on the treadmill, 5 minutes walking then 3 mins running, 1.5 min walking. I think I repeated this 5 times (from 5-27 mins) then 3 minutes walking. I am amazed that I did this when a couple of weeks ago I nearly collapsed on the 1 min running, 90s walking. Every time I seem to be travelling further on the treadmill.

Lunch – frozen mango (brain freeze),salmon and corn, pomegranate, pickle salad.
Snack – prunes, 2 squares of 85% chocolate because I was getting annoyed with the children for being children.

Supper – amazing amazing beetroot, orange, feta salad (click for recipe)

Total food 1473kcal, exercise 267kcal

Weight 13st3lb (+-)